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Lifestyle Support

There are a number of programmes and support groups available for patients to access which can help them lead healthier life-styles. Our patients can self refer to these and do not need to see a GP or nurse. For information on leading healthier lifestyles, please contact our local service provider Get Healthy Rotherham

Smoking Cessation

Stopping smoking is one of the most influential ways that you can actively improve your health. Statistically, those that receive support are more likely to succeed in quitting, than those that try alone.  For more information visit Get Healthy Rotherham here

Weight Management

Patients find weight loss management easier and more successful, with regular support. Click here for information and advice

Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Understand how much alcohol you drink and under which circumstances to create a personal health plan that will allow you to take control of how much you drink

NHS Health Check

All adults aged 40-74 are able to have a free NHS health check every 4 years. Its purpose is to spot the early signs of a variety of long term health conditions such as stroke, kidney disease, dementia and type 2 diabetes.  You can find out more about the NHS Health Check

Getting More Active

Being more physically active can bring about a number of benefits for your mind and body. A Get Healthy Coach will be able to recommend a range of tools, activities and services that can help you to become more active. They will also be able to support you through making small changes that will all add up to a long term increase in the amount of activity that you complete each week. Click here to find out more

Help Us to Help You By

  1. Not smoking
    Help with giving up is available from your Doctor or Nurse.
  2. Eating Healthily
    A high-fibre, low fat diet is best.
  3. Regular Exercise
    The equivalent of 30 minutes brisk walk daily reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and your risk of heart disease.
  4. Taking Alcohol In Moderation
    A maximum of 21 units per week for men and 16 units per week for women.
  5. Not Using Illicit Substances
  6. Having Regular Cervical Smears
    All the evidence suggests that it is women who never have smears who have the highest risk of death from cervical cancer.
  7. Attending for Routine Breast Screening
    Ladies over 50 years old or when invited.  This may help detect breast cancer earlier when it is more easily cured.
  8. All the Recommended Vaccinations When Due
    All are safe but if you have any concerns please discuss them with your Doctor, Nurse or Health Visitor.
  9. Keeping Your Own Adult Vaccinations Up To Date
    This is especially true for foreign travel when up to 12 weeks notification may be needed in order to ensure maximum protection for travellers.
  10. Following All Instructions Given By A Doctor Or Nurse And Taking Your Medication As Advised
    If you forget anything or do not understand what you have been told or if you feel your medication does not suit you, please discuss things with us.

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