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Online Access

Patients can utilise a variety of online access providers (e.g. NHS App) to undertake the following

  • Book and Cancel Appointments
  • Order Repeat Medications
  • View Test Results
  • View Medical Records

Patients should create an NHS Login online which will allow them to access their chosen online access provider.

Patients will be able to view their Prospective medical record once the app is created – meaning that you will be able to see what’s in your medical record after the date of activation. You will not be able to see your historic medical records

(Please note that in certain circumstances patient access to their medical record may be withheld or restricted where potentially sensitive, or harmful, information may be held within the record. If you cannot see your medical records created after activation then please contact the practice.)

Proxy Access For Adults

If someone you know needs help with their healthcare, you can ask for secure access to their GP services. You may be able to order medication, book appointments, or use other online GP services on their behalf, if the GP surgery thinks it is appropriate. This is sometimes called having proxy access.

You will need to use your NHS login. If you do not have one yet, you can set one up as part of your application.

You must be aged 16 or over to apply for proxy access.

Use this service if the person you want to help:

  • wants you to ask for access on their behalf
  • is registered at the same GP surgery as you
  • is aged 16 or over
  • can understand and agree to giving you access – the GP surgery will check this

Do not use this service if:

  • they have a condition that means they cannot understand or agree to giving you access
  • you are their paid carer or work at their care home

Click to apply for access to another patients GP Services

Proxy Access For Children

For children Under 13, proxy access may be given to a parent. Access will be granted up to the childs’ 13th birthday.

For Children aged 13 – 15 the child themselves may have their own online access, or will need to authorise a proxy user (such as a parent) to access their medical records. Forms can be requested from the practice for this purpose.

All patients aged 16 and over should have their own online access excepting where medical reasons may restrict this. Please contact the practice if under these circumstances if you still wish to have proxy access to another patient for further advice on options.

Opening Times

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