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Prescription Collections

The Market Surgery is not a dispensing practice. Any prescriptions which are issued to you by a clinician, will need to be collected from a local pharmacy. A list of our nearest pharmacies can be found on our Local Services page

Repeat Prescriptions

The easiest way to order your repeat prescriptions are by using our online patient access facility, and the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

Repeat Prescriptions will normally have a review time frame. When the review date for your medication has expired, prescriptions cannot be issued without being re-authorised by a doctor. You may be asked to make an appointment before receiving further prescriptions.

Pharmacy Collection

We operate an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) whereby your repeat prescription will be sent automatically to your pharmacy of choice.

Forms are available from reception where patients can indicate their chosen local pharmacy they would like their prescription to be sent to for dispensing enabling patients to be able to collect medications directly from the pharmacy of their choice.

Please allow 48 hours for your prescription request to be processed and available to collect.

If you have nominated to collect your prescriptions from your pharmacy, but do not enroll in EPS, it may take up to 1 week for your prescription to be dispensed depending on how regularly your pharmacy collects prescriptions from the surgery.

Our Local Pharmacies also do an order and delivery service too. You can contact them directly to arrange this service.

Surgery Collection

You can order your repeat prescription by dropping the right hand side of your prescription into the practice indicating the items you require and prescription will be ready 48hours later after 2pm.

Postal Delivery

You can post the right hand side of your prescription to us indicating the items you require, including a stamped self addressed envelope and we will post your prescription to you.

Please be mindful about prescription waste. Only order the items you need. Don’t stockpile NHS resources

Order What You Need

You may have many items on your repeat prescriptions list. Some of them you will use regularly, others you might just use once in a while.

An estimated £1.5 million is wasted in Rotherham alone, by patients ordering medications that they don’t really need. This is known as stockpiling medications.

This money could be better spent on improving your access to, and experience of, healthcare provision.

Visit the Rothehram CCG website for more information on prescription waste

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